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Shiatsu First Aid Points

Over the centuries Chinese martial artists and Oriental medical practitioners discovered these acupuncture points have immediate effect in emergencies.

Bl 23

Stupor, internal bleeding, weakness


Du 10

Swoons, fainting, Cerebral anemia


Ki 2

Pain in testes, fear, restlessness


Sp 4

Pain in testes, Feeling of suffocation


Bl 60

Pain due to trauma


Du 4

Extreme mental/ physical exhaustion


Du 14

Severe syncope or fainting


Lv 2 & 3

Cramps, Spasms, Convulsions


Bl 10

Violent Pains at the vertex, Cephalgia


SJ 15

Exposure to cold


Lu 9

Corpse reviver


Ki 1

Corpse reviver


Ren 14

Difficult breathing


LI 4

Sinusitis, Headache


Ren 26

Fainting, Canít straighten lower back, Shock


St 36



 Stop a Nosebleed Due to Injury
Here is an additional technique, not quite massage but effective.)

 Wrap a shoestring or cord firmly around the hand so that it passes over LI 3 and SI 3. The patient is then instructed to clutch their fist tightly.


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