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Poultices & Compresses

Oriental medicine teaches that all foods and natural products have medicinal values.  That is, if you know how to use them.  You should be able to  find every item listed here in your local stores.


Poultices & Compresses:

Buckwheat- Make a poultice to relieve edema, swelling and water retention.

Burdock-The warm, crushed roots and leave may be applied to suppurating wounds (pussy infections, abscesses, boils, etc.

Garlic-a poultice of fresh, raw crushed garlic is useful for scabies, boils and abscesses (generally used for infections)

Ginger-Compresses made of fresh ginger tea may be applied to sore joints after the initial inflammation has subsided.

Onion-a poultice of roasted onion can draw out foreign objects

Seaweed-When applied as a compress it has a cooling effect. Use it during the initial inflammatory stage of a soft tissue injury.

Roasted Sesame Oil-Apply it to cuts and abrasions after the blood flow has stopped. It will help wounds to heal without scarring.

Tofu-A poultice is very effective in reducing inflammation. It is even more effective if you add a little fresh grated ginger.


Carbonized Human Hair-place hair in a covered iron pot and bake with plenty of ventilation at a fairly high heat. The hair will “melt" like plastic into a black, shiny obsidian-like mass. When cool, crush in a mortar to a fine powder. Sprinkle on bleeding wounds to stop bleeding and promote coagulation.

Cuttlefish Bone-carbonized and pulverized used similarly to human hair.

Roasted Ginger Powder– Applied to cuts to stop bleeding.

Stiff Joints:

Peanut Oil-Warm Peanut oil may be applied regularly to stiff joints in order to relax the tendons and ligaments.

Licorice Tea-Helps to detoxify. Useful for Charlie horses and muscle spasms.

Apple Cider Vinegar or Safflower Tea- Helps relieve swelling and obstructions in sprains of the ankle, fingers and wrist.

Kidney & Gall Stones- Chanca Piedra, a South American herb, helps dissolve stones and prevent their recurrence,


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