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 Chinese medicinal  formulas for Chiropractic disorders.

Tang-Kuei and Rehmannia 

(Bu Yin Tang)

Coix Combination 

(Yi Yi Ren Tang)

This formula improves circulation and thereby relieves pain.  It is commonly used for arthritis, rheumatism and general body aches, especially in the upper body.  Tongue: white coating
Clematis and Stephania Combination

(Shu Jing Hou Xie Tang)

Another large Ming dynasty formula.  This one is especially good for pains in the lower body, arthritis, neuralgia, sciatica, gout, lumbago and knee pain.                                               Tongue: no fur with possible purple spots
Bupleurum and Cinnamon Combination

(Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang)

This formula is especially useful for chronic chiropractic disorders, repeated loss of spinal alignment due to muscular tension.  Consider this formula for minor joint pain, headaches or colds and flu symptoms'  Tongue: white coating  
Yunnan PaiYao This formula is famous in the orient  A valuable first-aid remedy used to treat internal and external bleeding, severe traumatic swelling, menstrual cramps and excessive swelling, bleeding ulcers, hot skin infections (carbuncles, insect bites, etc.  It contains secret ingredients; raw Pseudogensing root is known to be the main ingredient.  Contraindicated during pregnancy.
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